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Today I started building the MVP for curate.it. Using Next.js + MongoDB as my stack...


First, I ran npx create-next-app curate.it, then installed Typescript and Tailwind...

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NextAuth.js | next-auth.js.org

Mind-blowingly easy way to set up auth in Next.js! Just create an...


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# How to Build a Social Platform Using Next.js and MongoDB

Today, I built the MVP for curate.it, a platform for expert-curated lists and social bookmarking. I used **Next.js and MongoDB** to build as fast as possible. In this post, I'll give an overview of my setup, libraries I used, etc. to implement **posts, notifications, comments, user profiles, and more.**


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How to Build a Social Platform Using Next.js and MongoDB

April 10 in curate.it #nextjs #mongodb #webdev #swe

How Do Transistors Work? The Building Blocks of Modern Computing

April 2 in Physics Research #engineering #physics

The Importance of Theory to Revolution | Notes on Lenin's "What Is to Be Done?", Chapter 1

March 27 in Revolutionary Reading Club #book #socialscience



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