Postulate is a notetaking app that helps you write faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Keep your notes and research in one place. Link and reference them as you write. Supercharge your blog or newsletter writing process with Postulate.

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Annia Mirza

Uses Postulate to write weekly newsletters for 2K+ Legit. subscribers

"My old note-taking process felt incredibly splintered - I was pasting links I would later lose and jotting down notes I would later forget about in the process of hopping to and from Notion and Google Docs.

"Postulate has consolidated this entire process: it lets me quickly jot down notes and thoughts as they occur, easily save links (and connect these link to my notes so I never forget about them!) and, overall, has made me a calmer, less sporadic writer."

Effortlessly capture your thoughts

Never lose a valuable thought again: jot down ideas, reading summaries, conversation notes, or whatever else is on your mind and store them all in one place.

Notetaking feature

Save links and quotes in one click

Our Chrome extension makes Postulate the easiest way to bookmark and highlight the resources you want to come back to.

Notetaking feature

Turn your notes into writing

Snippets aren't meant to stay private: notes are integrated right into Postulate's post editor, where they can be easily referenced and linked.

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A ready-out-of-the-box blog or newsletter

Publishing on Postulate is the easiest way to give your content a beautiful and powerful online home.

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Beautiful design

Email subscriptions

Comments and reactions

Publishing feature

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...or publish on the platform of your choice

Use Postulate as a superpowered CMS for your publication on Medium, Ghost, NextJS, or another platform that we integrate with.

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As fast as an IDE

No clunky or laggy UI here: navigate through Postulate with keyboard shortcuts, quick switcher menus, and more.

Notetaking feature

Gamify the writing process

Snippet-to-post conversion metrics actively push you to publish your ideas, helping you keep up your output and making writing fun.

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Write faster and with more confidence than ever before
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